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Prices do not include shipping. It will be about $2-$5 for shipping depending on what purse you get.

If you would like more pictures or have any questions please email us at


This clutch is made out of yellow and white striped fabric and has a bird that i made out of felt and some buttons. The linning id white fabric with weird ransome birds all over it like the one on the front of the clutch.



This purse is made out of White fabric with red hearts and little red flowers on it. Its linning and strap are made out of red fabric with white hearts and polka dots.



Original Strawberry Shortcake and Huckleberry Pie print fabric with strawberry lining.


This is a bookbag/ tote. Prefect for school holds alot of stuff i have one for myself and mine can hold up to 3 binders my math book and some other random books, they are very durable.

The fabric on the outside has little bunnies and hearts that say love in them and the linning is made out of yellow soft fuzzy baby blanket type material.

If you want a close up of the detail on the fabric email me.



This purse is made out of light purple fabric and the linning is flower print. On the fron of the purse is a flower made out of felt, lace, and a cute button.